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Pro Ironman: Bella & Stephan Bayliss – Das Triathlonpaar

1. Juli 2009 von Ralph Schick

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stephan-bayliss-2Both of you are starting a lot. When are you taking breaks? Can you give some advice to our readers how to increase regeneration?

Stephen: For us after an Ironman we like to eat while and keep hydrated and the fitter you are the quicker you will recover.

@Bella: Wow, you finished eight Ironmen on such a high level last year. How did you do that?

Bella: Last year was magnificent! I went from one huge achievement to another! I was fit, strong and racing smart. It felt easy!

@Bella: Chrissie, Sandra, Yvonne and you have been really fast last year. Why are the women so fast right now? What do you think how fast the women will be on the Ironman distance?

Bella: I think that the women are simply improving! I think Chrissie helped to „lift the bar“. She showed all the woman what is possible, therefor all the women have „stepped up“.

What are your goals/plans for 2009 and for the further future?

Stephen: I will be racing the same races as Bella and I am also working towards being in the top 10 at Hawaii this year.

Bella: I plan to have more top results, by having very strong races and running very fast. I aim for another top 10 result at Hawaii. My schedule is Ironman Austria, Ironman UK, Ironman Hawaii, Ironman Florida and Ironman Cozumel.

Info & Bilder: Bella Bayliss und Stephan Bayliss; Profile bei TBB Bella und Stephan

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