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Pro Ironman: Bella & Stephan Bayliss – Das Triathlonpaar

1. Juli 2009 von Ralph Schick

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bella-bayliss-2How much time per year do you spend at home?

Bella: Home for us is a small apartment that we own in Switzerland. We love our little home and it is a perfect place for us to train. However we dont spend tonnes of time there because we race and train so much in all sorts of different parts of the World! We also like to spend some time with our families in the UK in our off season.

You are both triathlon-Pros. Is your relationship to each other positiv for your job/sport?

Bella: Our relationship together is absolutely a positive for our sporting job. We are a huge support to each other. We understand each others ambitions perfectly and understand what it takes to get there. We want the absolute best for each other.

@Stephen: Who is the boss when you guys are training?

Stephen: The Boss is our coach. We do exactly what he says and trust him completely.

How do you like Klagenfurt? How long before a race do you usually arrive at the place?

Bella: We raced Ironman Austria at Klagenfurt last year. We thought the place was beautifula and we enjoyed our time there. We both had great races and are looking forward to great races in Klagenfurt again this year. We usually come to the race area about four days before the race.

Where will you live in Klagenfurt? Hotel? Homestay?

Bella: We have a bed and breakfast accommodation for Ironman Austria, close to the beautiful Wörther See!

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