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Tim Berkel – Pretty awesome

Ironman Western Australia:
Tim Berkel – Pretty awesome

9. Dezember 2008 von Christian Friedrich

Tim Berkley,   Sieger des Ironman Western Australia

Tim Berkel ist gerade 24 Jahre jung und schon ein Ironman-Sieger. Der Australier hat den knappen Ausgang des Ironman Western Australia durch einen sehr schnellen Marathon für sich entscheiden können. Triathlon.de hat er erzählt wie es ihm dabei ergangen ist.

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Triathlon.de: How did it feel to win an ironman?
Tim: I hadn’t really entertained the thought of winning an ironman so young. I thought it would have taken me many more years so I am still in a bit of shock really. But it´s pretty damn awesome!

Triathlon.de: How close was the race?
Tim: There was a really great field of guys racing, so it was always going to be a close race. Around the 30 km mark I was running side by side with Jason Shortis and he managed to drop me. I then got a powerbar gel and a coke in me and started to come good, allowing me to run back up to Shortis. I was feeling good so I pushed it a little and dropped Jason, and the rest is history. But he made me work damn hard until the final kilometre for my win.

Triathlon.de: When did you know that you would win?
Tim: Not until the last kilometre did I really start to celebrate as I could see Jason was not within striking distance.

Triathlon.de: What do you think how fast you could be on an ironman?
Tim: The Ironman Western Australia was a personal best time for me by 37 minutes, so it was a very fast course.

Triathlon.de: What are your future goals?
Tim: In the next few years I hope to build solid performances in the half and full ironman distances and enjoy training and racing, whilst being able to make a living from the sport.

Info und Bild: Tim Berkel

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