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Ironman Hawaii 2010: Bei Rasmus Henning lief so einiges schief (in Englisch)

10. Oktober 2010 von Christian Friedrich

It was a day of never ending problems for Rasmus Henning, who dreamed of winning here but had to settle for a very disappointing 24th place in Hawaii. Right from the gun the troubles began for the Danish Challenge Roth winner.

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At the start of the race two paddlers were sitting directly in front of Rasmus Henning who had to throw himself over them to get going in the swim. He wasn’t feeling super during the swim and never got to put the presssure on the other favorites as he had hoped.

Murphy’s law is an understatement
Everything that could go wrong went wrong for Rasmus Henning who was never in the mix for the win or podium coming out of T1. A bad misunderstandig of where to pick up his bag after the swim resulted in a stressed and confused Rasmus Henning who had a transition from hell that left him off the main pack heading out on the bike and with his swim suit still around his waist the entire bike section.

„I had a really bad day and I feel sad to hit such a low point after my hard and very good preparations the past months. Everything goes wrong today, I didn’t feel strong on the swim but it was decent, and then I was on the moon in T1. I somehow thought that my bag was in the back of T1, but when I realised my mistake I had to go back and suddenly found myself in the back of the large group. That made me so confused that I never got the swim skin off, but it didn’t seem to bother me on the bike. I also lost my gloves, couldn’t zip my top and had problems with my shoe on the bike making this the worst transition of my career. Then I had to work hard on the first 10-15 kilometres on the bike to catch the group and I had really bad legs on the bike. I had no watts up the hills and the first time I started feeling good was in the strong winds with 80 km to go,“ Rasmus Henning says.

„I was counting on my run legs which have been good every single brick run even after bad bike splits since before Roth. I had a lot of ground to make up, but my legs just felt heavier and heavier. From Energy Lab to the finish line I could barely run 5:15-5:30/km and every time I tried to pick up the pace I cramped up. At that point I was already so far behind that it didn’t really matter anymore and I was so disappointed when I crossed the finish line. It was important for me to reach the finish line so I earned points for next year, but that hardly seems to be enough with just one more race after finishing 24 here. Now I need to figure out what to do next year to qualify, and Arizona in six weeks is in the mix even though it seems hard to race again that fast right now,“ says the Dane.

Text: Brian Martin Rasmussen

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