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Ironman Hawaii 2009: Rasmus Henning – Macht alles mit links

8. Oktober 2009 von Christian Friedrich

Rasmus Henning brach sich seine rechte Hand bei einem Radunfall am 22. September – nur zwei einhalb Wochen vor dem Ironman Hawaii. Jetzt hat er einiges in seinem Rennablauf verändern müssen.

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A quick surgery and help from a healer in Denmark, who have specialized in speeding up the healing process of fractured bones, has made the tough Danish ironman ready to compete at Ironman Hawaii which have been his main goal all year.

He has been able to bike inside and run with his hand in a cast, and it seems that Rasmus Henning has the chance of competing with a minimum of loss of form and better mobility than expected with a newly broken hand.

„I had the stitches removed this Saturday and swam Sunday and Monday – for the first time in 12 days. I hurts a little when in the push fase, but my feeling in the water wasn’t as restricted as I could have expected. It actually felt pretty good in the water even though I’m using a custom made splint to protect the hand and support the bone. I think it’ll be possible to swim the 3,8 km without losing too much time. On the bike we have switched my gears so I’ll use my left hand to work the rear derailleur, I will have a difficult challenge regarding fluids as I can’t squeeze my bottles with my right hand as I usually do and it is a little risky to use the left so I only can support the handle bars with my broken hand so we have put on a jet stream drinking container on the handle bars that I can fill up with fluids. I have no problems when running and I’m confident I’ll do well there,“ says the Danish ironman.

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